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Residential Services

Residential Services Overview

  • Assistance with budgeting, banking and money management (including the use of credit in major purchases)
  • Training in menu planning (including meeting specific dietary needs, grocery list preparation and grocery shopping)
  • Training in cooking skills
  • Training and/or support in all aspects of home care ranging from regular cleaning chores to occasional jobs, such as cleaning an oven
  • Support in maintaining appropriate hygiene through checklists and verbal feedback
  • Support in attending doctor appointments and following through with treatment
  • Assistance in learning about medical conditions through community support services
  • Support in resolving conflicts with peers
  • Follow up on recommendations from Community Professionals, such as the Speech and Language Therapist or Mental Health Consultant
  • Assistance in exercising rights and fulfilling responsibilities
  • Any other support or training identified through the ISP process
  • Supported Living

    Supported Living services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual to improve quality of life. These services are offered to individuals who own, rent or lease their own residence. Hours of support may vary depending on the wishes and needs of the individual.

    One of the support models in this type of service is called Cluster living. Cluster living refers to ongoing support for individuals that live in the same vicinity as each other. This is often, but not limited to, individuals living in the same apartment/condominium complex.

    Another support model in this type of service is called Outreach. Outreach provides scheduled hourly services for individuals who want support with daily living activities. These supports may be provided one-on-one or in a group setting.

    Staffed Residential

    The Staffed Residential service varies with each individual’s support needs and wants. This support model provides 24 hour staffing and is provided to an individual or a group of individuals in a specific location. In our experience, the location can be in a residential home, apartment building or a four-plex.

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