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Dengarry Professional Services Ltd.

About Us

Dengarry Professional Services Ltd. is an accredited, private company based in Quesnel, BC that was founded by Garry & Carolyn Delaney and Dennis & Elizabeth Beeman. Dengarry Professional Services Ltd. is mainly funded by Community Living BC (CLBC) and commenced services in April 1987 to provide residential services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Since April 1987, Dengarry Professional Services Ltd. has grown to provide a variety of residential, life skill and employment services while combining a wide range of medical and social services supports and expertise to adults with intellectual disabilities. Dengarry Professional Services Ltd. has expanded from the Quesnel area to provide services across the Northern and Interior Regions of British Columbia.

We believe our programs and services promote independence, social participation and overall well being while providing opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential and attain a better quality of life.

Our current scope of services and locations include:

Residential Services

Home Sharing (Vernon, Kamloops, Merritt, Logan Lake, Quesnel, Prince George, Burns Lake, Telkwa, Smithers and Kitimat)
Supported Living (Kamloops, Quesnel and Prince George)
Staffed Residential (Kamloops and Quesnel)
Community Inclusion Services

Employment (Quesnel)
Community Based (Kamloops, Merritt, Quesnel, Valemount)
Home Based (Kamloops, Merritt, Quesnel and Prince George)
Respite Services

Contracted (Kamloops, Merritt and Quesnel)

Philosophy and Objectives


As the foundation to its philosophy, Dengarry believes in the inherent worth of people. We recognize that each person, whether they are someone we serve, an employee, or member of the community, have their own set of strengths, needs, wants and worries. Each individual is unique unto himself or herself and Dengarry tailors its services accordingly.

Confidentiality is the heart of Dengarry. Confidentiality builds trust, establishes rapport, and assists in the development of therapeutic relationships. Breaching confidentiality destroys relationships. It is with this in mind that Dengarry recognizes that confidentiality is essential to the people we serve, to our company, and to our ability to do our job.

We believe that each person has the same rights and responsibilities as any other. We accept that it is our duty to provide the education, training, and support necessary for the people we serve to exercise their rights and responsibilities. They have the right to love, be loved, hope, dream, and to pursue happiness and a meaningful life. They have the right to live with dignity and decency, to have good days and bad days, and the right to do things a little bit differently. It is our duty to assist those who we serve in understanding, exercising, and following through on their rights and responsibilities.

It is also our obligation to provide staff members with the education, training, and support necessary for them to follow through with their duties in a skilful and efficient manner.

We believe in the rights of the people we serve to participate in decision making to the greatest degree possible and recognize that it is incumbent upon us to respect their decisions. The measure of our success is in the implementation and carrying out of the developed programs, and not always the outcome – sometimes the people we work with will make decisions that can prevent what we see as a desirable outcome. Just like anyone else, the people we serve have the right to succeed, to make mistakes, and to fail. They have the right to make good decisions and bad. It is our duty to provide support in whatever circumstances may arise and to try and ensure their physical and emotional safety.

We recognize the need for the people we serve to receive support in the areas of both physical and mental health. They have the same emotional needs and feelings as anyone else and deserve high quality of medical and mental health services.

Dengarry believes that the people we serve can and do learn given the right kind of environment, education, training and support. We recognize that learning is a life long process. We believe in a positive approach where the emphasis is on what the person is doing well or correctly, not on what they cannot do. We believe that if a person is failing to learn it is because of our ability to teach, and not their ability to learn. The limitations in the individuals’ growth tend to be our limitations and/or the restrictions imposed upon the individual. With this in mind, we also recognize and respect that at times the people we work with may choose not to learn.

Dengarry believes in the Principle of Normalization (Wolf Wolfensberger), Integration, Community Access and Social Role Valorization. We believe in the “Dignity of Risk” (R Perske), and the philosophy of “Try Another Way” (Marc Gold). We adopt the principles of Behaviour Analysis, Augmentative Communication and Systematic Instruction (Marc Gold and Associates) and the use of Natural Supports and Consequences. Dengarry believes in monitoring changes in the field and adopting best practices. Staff takes on the roles of modeling behaviour, facilitating activities, teaching skills, and supporting the persons receiving our services throughout life’s events. As it is for people we serve and staff, it is for the company – learning is a life long process.

Dengarry adopts a Teamwork approach. All the important persons in someone’s life need to be involved in the decision making processes, given the individual’s consent. We believe in consultation, communication, and the building of positive working relationships.

Dengarry embraces accountability – being accountable encourages the development of Quality Services in a financially responsible manner. Accountability is built into all the processes Dengarry carries out with each staff member, who in turn is accountable for his or her actions and duties. We, as a company, are answerable to people we serve, to their families, and to the funding and licensing bodies.

In summary, Dengarry Professional Services Ltd. believes in the value of people, their equal access to rights and responsibilities, and to all aspects of life. We are committed to the delivery of quality services based on individuality and respect, with integration into the community at large. We believe in lifelong learning for the individuals we serve, our staff and our company. We are committed to abiding by our philosophy and to self-evaluating our actions on a continual basis.


1. To develop and/or support the development of Quality Residential, Vocational and Employment programs in order to meet the needs of the individuals we work with and based upon the individuals’ strengths and interests.

2. Dengarry promotes positive working relationships and teamwork between the people we support, their families, staff and community professionals.

3. To develop a fulfilling and meaningful life in the community through a positive approach to training, which focuses on the skills of the individual.

4. To promote the utilization of generic services whenever and wherever possible and to advocate for quality medical and mental health services.

5. To provide and promote a range of living options that allows people to live as independently as possible.

6. To assist individuals in increasing their life skills through a broad spectrum, ranging from academic, domestic and leisure, via role modeling, teaching and experiential techniques.

7. To support individuals in recognizing and utilizing their rights and fulfilling their responsibilities in all aspects of their lives.

8. To promote and provide support in life long learning and assist in the participation of ongoing skill development in recreation, work and education.

9. In co-operation with all stakeholders, promote the competencies of the individuals we serve and provide the support required to enable success.

10. To be accountable for our words and actions both as employees and as a company.

11. To protect the privacy of the individuals we serve so as to promote trust, healthy relationships, and growth.

12. To ensure confidentiality of information of the persons we serve, our staff and the company.

Ethical Code of Conduct

Dengarry Professional Services’ Ethical Code of Conduct is a set of expectations for all employees of the company. It is designed to guide us in our behaviour, actions and words, whether written or spoken.

Dengarry Professional Services’ Ethical Code of Conduct also extends to the organization and its role within the community as a corporate citizen. In representing the people we serve, employ and report to, we must ensure that our business practices not only meet, but exceed all legal and moral obligations, as we are a role model within our community. These legal and moral obligations include the provision of honesty, professional courtesy and accountability to individuals served, employees and stakeholders.

Furthermore, Dengarry Professional Services’ Ethical Code of Conduct requires that our marketing practices represent the people we serve in the dignified, positive manner they deserve, ensuring their rights are respected while showcasing their talents.

As a result, we believe these practices represent the ultimate message we wish to convey:

Dengarry is an excellent organization to receive services from, work for and do business with!

We are all expected to:

  • be responsible and accountable for our behaviour, actions and words.
  • demonstrate honesty in relation to our behaviour, action and words and in all communication with the people we serve, stakeholders and each other.
  • help each other be right – not wrong.
  • maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances.
  • demonstrate Relative Confidentiality and Absolute Confidentiality.
  • recognize the inherent value of people and to respect their wants, needs, and worries. This recognition is to be portrayed in our communication with others through augmentative communication, body language and the words we use . Discourage rumours and gossip and to refrain from participating in the spreading of such.
  • be ambassadors of the company in all community contacts and to each other. We, therefore, need to ensure our representation and presentation of the company is a positive one.
  • be responsible for adhering to Policies, Procedures, Programs and Guidelines. While any of us may disagree with any of the aforementioned, there are proper routes for resolving conflict. Until such is resolved, we must all ensure continuity for the people we serve by following Policies, Procedures, Programs and Guidelines and not deciding to change the way things are done on our own.
  • participate in decision making which is encouraged through the Team approach.
  • acknowledge and address conflicts of interest, both within the organization as it pertains to employees but also as it relates to persons served. Purchasing and/or selling personal items, involvement in fundraising and witnessing of documents must be transparent and follow proper protocol. This also provides the basis for establishing and maintaining professional boundaries, while ensuring we provide a warm & supportive environment.
  • look for ways to make new ideas work – not for reasons they won’t.
  • voice disagreements or conflict in the appropriate settings. This means initially in private to the individual concerned, and in team meetings or to the Team Leader when it regards providing services.
  • “check it out when in doubt.” Don’t make negative assumptions about each other.
  • be role models to the people we serve, and to the community at large. We need to remember this and to consider everything from the way we dress to the way we act as it could be seen through the eyes of another.
  • view ourselves, the people we serve, and the company as life long learners. We are encouraged to reflect back on our day to see what we have learned and to apply that knowledge in the future.
  • recognize that all people have the same rights and responsibilities and to demonstrate this respect in our dealing with the people we serve, each other, stakeholders and members of the community at large.
  • take a Positive Approach when working with people. We recognize that the people we work with can and do learn when given the right kind of teaching, support and encouragement. We also understand that often the failure of a person to learn is really our failure in meeting the training and support needs of the individual. As a service we need to recognize that we may need to try another way and/or respect the individual’s right to do things a little bit differently.
  • adopt the philosophy of the company as our guide while providing the services we offer to the people we serve.
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