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Home Sharing

How Can I Access Services?

Contact your local Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) office to request a referral. Once we receive this, access to service is gained through an application process that assesses needs and compatibility in determining the most suitable service.

Home Sharing Models

Home Sharing arrangements vary – depending on the unique needs of the individual receiving services. Most arrangements involve an individual and a caregiver, or roommate, sharing an apartment or house. Some involve a whole family supporting an individual, with one family member being the primary caregiver.

What To Expect

Dengarry’s goal within the Home Share model is to find a compatible match with you and a caregiver. Dengarry takes many steps to recruit and screen potential caregivers. After a potential caregiver has applied, the screening process on average takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Dengarry completes a thorough screening process to gain all possible information regarding the potential caregiver. Further to this, Dengarry will meet with you and your family/advocates to learn more about you and your wants and needs and the type of living situations you would prefer. In gaining all of this information we are able to then compare and match the skills and abilities of the screened caregiver to your needs and wants.

The list of aspects Dengarry completes, obtains and/or discusses during the caregiver screening process, includes, but is not limited to:

  • What is the applicant’s interest/motivation in being a caregiver and supporting individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Past experience, education/training
  • Minimum of 2 home visits to assess the following:
    • The home layout, location, environment, potential living area/personal space for the individual, safety, mobility limitations
    • Family environment and dynamics
    • Roles and responsibilities of the members of the home
    • Philosophy of care
    • Common activities the family/household participates in
  • Abilities to support working towards greater independence
  • Abilities to support accessing the community
  • Meeting the wants and needs of an individual
  • Clear criminal record check, through the Ministry of Justice
  • Physician’s Certificate clearing the applicant to provide care for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Obtain 3 professional or personal reference
  • Current First-Aid
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Valid Drivers License.

Dengarry continually recruits new caregivers. We strive to have pre-screened caregivers, so transitions and services can happen as quickly as possible. Although it isn’t always possible to have open homes, these are efforts that we continually engage in.

Dengarry has dedicated positions (Home Share Coordinators) within our leadership team that have the qualifications and experience to conduct interviews and provide support to the caregiver and individual, once services have commenced.

Match Meetings

  • At the point where it is determined that there is a potential compatible match or matches, the Home Share Coordinator would set up a meeting(s) with the approved caregiver(s), yourself, your family and/or support system.
  • Everyone present will have the opportunity to ask questions of each other to gain the information they feel is needed to make a decision if this would be a good fit for them.
  • These meetings could happen a few times depending on the comfort level of everyone involved and if more questions need to be answered.
  • Further to this meeting(s), there would be the opportunity to visit the home and to assess the living space being made available.
  • If there is an agreement to move forward, we would begin our transition planning.
  • If either party decides that this would not be a good fit/match, Dengarry will continue to explore other options for the individual, which may include continuing to recruit another Home Share Provider.
    1. Transition

    2. Transition planning is organized amongst yourself, your family and your current living arrangement (if applicable) and the new caregiver.
    3. The Coordinator is involved to assist the process as needed and directed.
    4. Transition planning is individualized to each person. The transition can be a few visits or can be a month or more with multiple visits, it all depends on the comfort level of all involved.
    5. Some of the transition visits that have happened in the past included dinner or an over night or weekend stay.
    6. We want to ensure that the transition into the home is a positive and comfortable experience.
      1. Dengarry Support and Home Visits

        We recognize this can be a stressful time for some people. Rest assured, once you have moved into your new home, the Home Share Coordinator will continue to be in contact to ensure that everything is as you wanted and to help with any adjustments that might need to be facilitated.

        The Home Share Coordinator will visit within the first two weeks and then a monthly visit for the next couple months. From this point on, the Coordinator will set up visits in the spring and in the fall. Please note, these are the minimum number of physical site visits that we set up. If there is a need for more we will provide more. We are just a phone call away!

        We are here to support you and respond to any questions or concerns you or your family may have that cannot be addressed by the Home Share Provider. We are also here to support the Home Share Provider with service delivery concerns they may have. As there is a responsibility on the caregiver to coordinate your services, the caregiver would be the first person to approach when you have questions or concerns.

        Home Visits are a time for the Home Share Coordinator to come and visit the home to ensure all things are in place that need to be. They will be following up with the Home Share Provider that all documentation, qualifications and safety aspects are current and in order. They will spend time with you to see how you are making out with your personal goals and making sure you are feeling happy, included and safe in your home.

        Internal Training

        Dengarry provides caregivers initial and ongoing training. The following is a list of some of the formal aspects we provide:

      2. Home Share contractor training/Orientation (Mandatory)
      3. Mandt – Annual Renewal (Mandatory)
      4. Cultural Competency Training (Mandatory)
      5. On-Line Training Modules (Optional)
        1. Documentation / Communication

          • Your caregiver will support you in making a plan on what personal goals you would like to work on and how you would like to meet those goals. Dengarry refers to this as your ISP (Individual Service Plan).
          • Caregivers are required to report and/or submit the following documentation:
            • Quality of Life Reports (every six months): Quality of Life Reports are a summary of the supports you have received and activities, etc., in which you have participated.
            • Critical Incident Reports: Critical Incidence Reports are mandatory reports (that are filled out when there is a serious or unusual incident that has happened to you).
            • Medication Changes (if applicable)
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